Our Philosophy

We believe pets should be treated with the highest respect as living creatures. As their guardians, we are responsible for their wellbeing, their health and their happiness. We want to stay ahead of the game by following the most up to date information, provide the highest quality of services, and leave your homes and your pets in great shape! When you join the family, you benefit in so many more ways than “just” pet care. Don’t let your pet mis out!

Family owned and operated since 2009. We have raised the bar in Long Beach again and again. Itchy Paws Team Members are top-notch animal loving locals who have a passion for pets. When you support Itchy Paws not only does your pet get the best quality in care, but your entire family is cared for by our family.

Why Itchy Paws?
Itchy Paws Team Members are select and thoroughly trained animal enthusiasts. Should your pet have behavioral quirks or a unique personality, our team is equipped to provide safe and loving care for their needs. When it comes to dogs; our handlers specialize in socialization. We work with our dogs individually and incorporate them into our group to create a blended, fun, and safe experience for your dog. Our “Mobile Daycare” is ideal for your high energy dog that needs exercise AND mental stimulation. We alternate our daily adventures with hikes, parks, play dates and training so that they get the most out of their time with us.